Nsik Motors (AKTC)

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No 54 Oron Road, Oron, Akwa Ibom State

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Nsik Motors (AKTC) offers a wide range of services such as delivery of parcels and documents, rentals of buses, intercity and interstate transport services as well as sales of buses.

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List of Towns and Cities AKTC is loading for travel from Oron, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria is listed below. Although any passenger can transit to any destination in Nigeria when they reaches Uyo, Akwa Ibom were AKTC headquarter or major motor park is located:

The current transport fare prices, the amount in Naira and also the departure time (usually early morning time) is also specified below: (The fare can change at Christmas time or during major festivity in Nigeria)

Note: Some of this buses has an air condition A/C while some do not have an air-condition in it.

Loading for Departure from Oron includes this destinations

Cargo and Unaccompanied Goods Delivery
Have an excess luggage? No problem. Your extra cargo or overweight shipment is accepted for forwarding using another arranged vehicle or bus.
Most of the time the cargo can leave the same day or possibly can be reschedule on the next day with a Waybill. The payment amount is usually low.
You can send goods to your family or love ones or even business associates without traveling, just send them the Waybill number by phone for them to collect the cargo when it arrives at destination.

Tips: You can arrange with the driver to help you deliver some parcel with some few payment.

Refreshment: Some stations may offer some refreshment like soft drinks, tea, water and some delicacies why you wait. Although other you can buy items like phone recharge
cards, foot items and other travel gifts at the station, mainly usually sold by by stand hawkers at the motor park you are boarding from.

This bus travel usually is safe, may be the best way to see Nigeria people while you travel with others. Sometimes you can share some stories or discuss some daily issues
with fellow passengers. Most drivers have assorted local popular music they play while driving which you can listen to, or other wise you can listen to your own music from your phone or ipods.

Most passengers who can afford to pay for airline travel, confessed they prefer traveling by road in Nigeria than boarding commercial local airlines in Nigeria for the above reasons.

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