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Plot 34, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue, Oregun Industrial Estate, Alausa Ikeja, Lagos

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Meyer PLC is the manufacturer and marketer of paints, including house paints, wood paints, auto refinishes, industrial and marine, road lining paints, roof coatings, tube coatings, HP coatings and adhesives.

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Business Information

DN Meyer and world class manufacturers and distributors of high quality paints such as Architectural Paints, Wood Paints, Auto refinishes, Industrial and Marine, Road lining Paints and many others. We are among the leading manufacturers of good quality paint in the paint industry. Our products are known for its high coverage, fire retardant, flexible to weather change and good obliteration. We produce high durable paints and always focus on four aspects which include Customers Curiosity, World Class Production Process/Know-how, Materials and Environmental Consciousness so as to provide total quality paint products.

In Meyer Plc, we always put our customer first and always consider what they love and want. We are the world pacesetters in paint making. Our company carries out market analysis so as to get our customers feedback and suggestions and always comes up with smart solutions to meet our customers needs before each production. We always try to use our resources efficiently when producing so as to keep our products at low cost for our customers to keep relying on us.

World Class Production Process/Know-how
Our state of the art manufacturing processes gave our product a name in the industry. Our company is full of experts that always get the most out of raw materials for production.

Our company makes use genuine raw materials to deliver high quality paint products. Our product ranges from the best materials from reliable sources. We are competent not to lose our trust by effectively making use of top notch raw materials to deliver high quality paint products.

Environmental Consciousness
DN Meyer Plc produces paint products that will not cause any harmful effect on the environment so as to keep our customers at a safe ground with our products. We make use of chemicals that has no odor or harmful effect to the body even painters while making use of the product will feel safe and relaxed while making use of our product. We give you everything you want in paint and our company is located at Plot 34, Mobolaji Johnson Avenue, Oregun Industrial Estate, Alausa ikeja, Lagos.

We are the world pacesetters in paint making and always the best at what we do.

Working Hours

8am - 5pm (Monday - Saturday)

Registered Nigeria Business


Business Registration (CAC) Number


Types of Product

Architectural Paints
Wood Paints
Auto refinishes
Industrial and Marine
Road lining Paints
Roof coatings
Tube coatings
HP coatings and Adhesives

Product Business Description

Our company is mainly into production of high quality paints so as to meet our client's taste of quality. Our products include decorative paint used for interior and exterior design, also used for beautification of architectural building which includes acrylics, oil paints, textured paint, emulsion paint and gloss paint. This paint leaves your homes shinning and reflecting all day long.

Meyertex Paints which covers up slight irregularities, cracks and imperfection in existing walls.

Products/Service Offers

Meyer wall satin
Meyer Gladiator
Ultimate Emulsion & Gloss
Meyertex Plus
Meyertex Ultimate
Meyer Paint Imperial
Egg Shell
Velvet Matt
Semi-Gloss Latex emulsion
Vinyl silk

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