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Jos University Teaching Hospital, Lamingo, Jos, Plateau State Nigeria

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JUTH is a health institution providing medical services and training of medical students.

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology
1) Emergency Care: The gynaecology emergency and labour ward take care of cases of haemorrhages, eclampsia, abortion, sepsis and complicated deliveries;
2) Antenatal Care: To monitor and plan delivery of both normal and complicated cases;
3) Gynaecology Clinic: Cases of infertility, amenorrhoea, carcinomas, infection, and menstrual abnormalities among others are seen and managed;
4) Theatre Services: Offer both major and minor gynaecological and obstetric surgeries;
5) Delivery: The Delivery Suite is equipped with 10 beds, and admits booked and un-booked parturients, as well as normal and complicated cases. It has a theatre and the special care baby unit adjoined to it to offer emergency services as the need arises;
6) Family Planning: All modern forms of contraceptive services are offered by the department, inclusive of surgical methods;
7) Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV: This is done in conjunction with APIN (Aids Prevention Initiation of Nigeria). Antiretroviral drugs and elective caesarean sections are offered to those in need in the department;
8) Other Services include cervical screening and management of cancer cases among others
9) Departmental ultrasound scans for the use of patients in the department.

Working Hours

24/7 hrs daily

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Types of Product

Orthopaedics and Trauma
Clinical service-including services rendered to patients in the wards, clinic and Accident
Emergency; and operation theatre.

a) Providing clinical services to patients.
b) Surgery.
c) Refraction and perimetry.
d) Dispensing of glasses.
e) Training of resident doctors, Medical Students, students from schools of Nursing, Jos, Vom and Lafia including schools of Health Technology Pankshin & Zawan.

a. Provision of safe anaesthetic services to patients undergoing surgical operations/procedures in the Jos University Teaching Hospital.
b. Resuscitation of critically ill patients within the hospital.
c. Supervision/running of an organized Intensive Care Unit for management of critically ill patients.
d. Training of Resident Doctors, Medical Students, Nurse Anaesthetists and Intensive Care Nurses.
e. Basic clinical research related to anaesthetic practice.

Product Business Description

1.The Dietetic Department is responsible for all nutritional activities that take place in the entire hospital including the Adult retroviral clinic and the Paediatrics retroviral clinic (APIN) aimed at maintaining optimal nutritional status for all individuals both in health and disease conditions.
2.The Department handles all therapeutic management of disease conditions of both in-patients and out-patients.
3.The Department handles the nutritional care of the under fivesí through production of complementary feeds using locally available food stuff to meet their nutritional needs. Feeding of the critically ill, via the preparation of Nasogastric Tube feeds using various mixes.
4.The Department is responsible for the nutritional rehabilitation of the malnourished children both in the Hospital and other Hospitals within the environs with our complementary feeds.
5.The Department gives practical tutorial via food demonstrations to medical students.
6.Guest lectures are given to the intensive care units and Community Health students.
7.Educates the general public through the media on different issues relating to diet.
8.Resident Doctors from family medicine are posted to the Department for nutritional exposure.
9.Training of Dietetic Interns, IT(SIWES) and Corpers.
10.Counseling in Community Health clinic.
11.Going on ward rounds with consultants in medical wards, surgical wards, Paediatric wards, O & G wards and health talk every morning in Ante-natal clinic.

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