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3rd Floor, New State Secretariat Takur, Dutse, Jigawa Nigeria

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JSMOA designs and implements policies, programmes and strategies for an efficient, competitive and diversified agricultural sector that promotes and facilitates sustainable growth in agricultural production including crops, livestock and fisheries.

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Department of Agricultural Services

Fertilizer procurement and distribution for Dry and Wet season farming to enhance production;
Workbull programme – ensures purchase and distribution of work bull package (i.e bull, plough, and ox-cart) to reduce drudgery in land preparation and transportation of farm produce;
Pest control – for the control of pest and diseases related to crops and domestic pests;
Buffer stocking – purchase of assorted grains and ensure quality of stored produce for marketable stability;
Horticulture – for propagation and distribution of improved fruit tree seedlings to the famers;
Agric loan; - for linking farmers with credit or financial institutions and facilitate the accessibility of the loan package to increase agricultural productivity;
Seed multiplication – provides farmers with improved planting materials so as to increase their yield and ensure maximum productivity.

Department of Irrigation Engineering

The Department is responsible for the activities of off-season (irrigation) agriculture;
Operation and maintenance of formal irrigation schemes across the State;
Establishment of new formal irrigation schemes;
Rehabilitation and upgrading of existing schemes;
Formation and strengthening of water users Associations (W.U.A) in order to achieve community based participatory irrigation management;
Cooperation and coordination between the Ministry, Irrigation Development and other Water Resources Development agencies both Internal and External.

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Department of Veterinary
The functions of Veterinary sub-sector can be classified into two (2):-

Economic Empowerment:
The department renders daily clinical treatment and laboratory services State wide as well as Vaccination of Livestock against zoonotic diseases;
The above activities thus reduce mortality and morbidity in our livestock population and thereby increase productivity in the sub-sector (Beef, Milk and Egg quality);
The Hides and Skins Unit helps in producing leather of high quality especially with the new technology of wet salting thereby boosting the economy of the State.
Social Service:
The social services rendered by the department includes thus:-
Inspection of slaughtered animals and slaughter premises to avoid consumption of unwholesome meat by the public thus protecting human beings from contact with zootonic disease e.g Tuberculosis, Anthrax and worm infestation (taemiasis) just to mention but a few;
The disease control unit is conducting Anti-rabies vaccination campaign annually in Dogs and the ultimate target is to protect human beings from Rabies which is highly devastating and fatal;
The Avian Influenza Control Programme has succeeded in containment of birds’ flu in the State; thus protecting the public from dangers posed by the disease as well as the economic losses in poultry establishments on the event of outbreak.

Department of Agricultural Engineering

Overseeing the maintenance of building structures in the Ministry for electrical and mechanical activities;
Overseeing the transport activities of the Ministry;
Implementation of all agricultural mechanization policies of the State;
Repairs and maintenance of irrigation water pumps, generating sets and heavy duty earth moving machines;
Tractor Hiring Services (THS).

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Department of Livestock

Implementation of agricultural policies that affect livestock activities;
Livestock production and improvement production activities;
Grazing Reserves management and Fodder conservation activities;
Maintenance of 4No. livestock farms:-
Beef production and improvement centre – Gumel
Dairy production and improvement centre – B/Kudu
Sheep production and improvement centre – Birniwa/Kazaure
Goat production and improvement centre – Birniwa
Maintenance of 5No major Grazing Reserves and 447 communal pasture and
Inter-State and Intra State cattle tract.

Department of Fisheries

Artisanal Fisheries Development:
Enforcement of fisheries laws;
Fish resources conservation through rational exploitation of fisheries resources;
Control environment and habitat of fish;
Sensitization of fishermen into cooperative societies;
Revenue generated from issuance of commercial and sport fishing permit licenses;
Fish processing, preservation, storage and marketing of fishery products;
Conduct of fisheries statistics of economic policy formulation at all levels.
Aquaculture Development:
Maximizing fish production;
Fish seed multiplication on Government’s ponds and Fish farms;
Provide consultancy services for prospective fish farmers;
Fish pond construction engineering;
Fish quality control on farms, market and storage facilities.

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