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Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu State

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Holy Rosary College is a catholic girls secondary school in Enugu.

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The present day Holy Rosary College Enugu was established with Saint Monica Ogbunike as a teacher training school for girls founded at 1892, with also a training college in Calabar were Ms. Edgerly worked.

HRC came to Onitsha since 1928 and on February 1935 was founded in Enugu with initial enrollment of 500 young women.

The Following Principals (mostly missionaries) Heads the school since then.

Rev. Sr. M. Baptist Heraghty - From 1935
Rev. Sr. M. Magdalen Brady - 1935 - 1939
Rev. Sr. M. Eucharia Reynolds 1940 - 1943
Rev. Sr. M. Philip O'Connel 1944 - 1947
Rev. Sr. M. Regina Malone 1947 - 1948
Rev. Sr. M. Christian Havarine 1948 - 1951
Rev. Sr. M. Philip O'Connel 1952 - 1955
Rev. Sr. M. Bernard Price 1955 - 1957
Rev. Sr. M. Edward O'Leary 1957 - 1966
Rev. Sr. M. Adrian Toland 1966 - 1967
Rev. Sr. M. Bernard Dimgba 1970 - 1973
Rev. Sr. M. V.O. Ibekwe 1973 - 1983
Chief (MRS) E.U. Onwuagha 1983 - 1997
Rev. Sr. Mercy N. Ani 1997 till Present

The school was closed down during the period of Nigeria civil war which lasted for 3 years. By 1970 the college started again as a teachers' training college with the first black principal Rev. Sister Bernard Dinma.

On July, 1983 the school was returned back to the original missionary owners also with other missionary schools like College of Immaculate Conception CIC Enugu by Governor Ifeanyichukwu Nwobodo, of the old Anambra State.

The school celebrated its golden jubilee by 1985. On the year 1986 the school was converted to secondary school were Junior JS1 to senor SS3 is administered by local indigence.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 1: 30pm

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i think HRC is a very nice school for every girl to attend.

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reviewed Holy Rosary College - HRC Enugu

The school had known to be the most standard school in Enugu.

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HRC Enugu - Holy Rosary College