Ehime Mbano Local Government Area
Ehime Mbano LGA Secretariat, Umuezeala, Imo State Nigeria

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Ehime Mbano LGA is the largest LGA and also one of the serving 27 LG council of the state sited in the town of Umuezeala, the districts that made up the local Govt area are Umezeala, Agbaja, Umueze, Umukobia, Nneoto and other which are listed below.

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Business Information

Ehime Mbano Local Government Area falls under Okigwe Senatorial Zone and the aim of the LG council headed by the Chairman is specifically on grass root development. The postal code of the area is 472.

The town is composed by numerous autonomous communities making up the local government area, and the area is noted for its colourfoul festivals amd cultural display during the saasons of Mbomuzo, Iwa Akwa, iri-ji, Agba-Agwu and Egwu-Onwa.

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8am - 4pm

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20 and upwards

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Districts that made up Ehime Mbano LGA
Ugwumezi and

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