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Plot 7-9, Ayoola Street, Gemade Estate, Ipaja, Lagos Nigeria

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Ayoola Plaintain Flour produced and packed by Ayoola Foods Nigeria Ltd located in Ipaja Lagos.

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We are here to fulfill the dreams and desires of our hard working wives, mothers and daughters by making indigenous food preparation as fast and stress free as possible.

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MON - FRI : 8.00 am - 5.30 pm, SAT - 8.30 am - 2.00 pm

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Poundo Yam
This is an extraordinary product made from selected yam tubers. It is popularly eaten in all parts of Nigeria and West Africa.

It has the taste and aroma of pounded yam freshly prepared without the stress of pounding.

Plantain flour
Ayoola Plantain Flour is another popular product from Ayoola range of products made from unripe plantain.

It is widely used in many parts of West Africa as a healthy version of staple food.

Beans Flour
Brown and white beans which are the main raw materials for beans flour are widely available in Nigeria. A favourite food of many Nigerian homes, it is a good source of protein.

It can be used in the preparation of bean cakes (Akara), Moi-moi and other local delicacies that require a lot of tedious work like soaking of the beans, cleaning, peeling, grinding, etc.

Cassava Fufu
Ayoola Cassava Fufu is another outstanding product. It is made from cassava -
one of the main crops in Nigeria.

It is very popular in the south-eastern and south-western states of Nigeria. So many people keep away from fufu prepared the traditional way because it has a strong smell that not everyone likes.

Yam Flour
Yam tubers are of many varieties and species widely cultivated in many West African countries including Nigeria.

They are used as raw materials in the processing of Ayoola Yam Flour.
We employ the tradition method for Ayoola Yam Flour by carefully selecting the best yam cake available from our local suppliers.

Rice Flour
Ayoola Rice flour is produced from finely milled white rice. One of the favourite foods in the northern parts of Nigeria, it can be used in the production of rice bread, noodles, cakes and deserts.

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