Igue Festival

Igue Festival is a highly revered festival of the people of Benin Kingdom celebrated during the dry season, specifically in December by the Oba of Benin symbolising the end of Benin year and the commencement of a new year.

An average Benin man believes that his progress is largely determined by his creator, because of this, there is need to sacrifice to the gods of the land so that his progress will be guaranteed.

Cows, lambs, cooks amongst others are sacrificed to the gods of Benin kingdom. Individuals in their respective home also sacrificed to their gods for keeping them alive, healthy and successful for a year and also pray for better years ahead.

The Oba is not allowed to be in the presence of any non-native person during the Igue ritual season.

There are lots of entertainments during this festival which includes masquerade display and more to entertain spectators and visitors.

When & Location

Edo State, Nigeria
00/00/0000 12:00 AM to 00/00/0000 12:00 AM


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