Egungun or Imaleidiroko Festival

Egungun or Imaleidiroko Festival is celebrated in Ekiti State, Nigeria to invoke the deities believed to be in-charge of ethical and moral standards of the people. 

There is a large display of masquerades clothed with Yoruba traditional costumes during the festival.

Families are expected to kill either a cock or sheep depending on their capability to appease the spirit of their ancestors so as to direct the family in line with the acceptable moral and ethical standard. 

Traditional gunshots are blown for the Egungun which is one of the founders of Yoruba culture. Yoruba citizens dress in their native attire to colour the festival which is largely celebrated in Yoruba land in Nigeria. 

Women during this festival sing and dance songs of praises while men partake in Egungun masquerade

Egungun festival is sometimes performed during the death of a very important personality in Yoruba land more especially old men and is done annually.


When & Location

Ekiti State, Nigeria
00/00/0000 12:00 AM to 00/00/0000 12:00 AM

Ekiti State, Nigeria

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