Erinmope Ekiti State


opposite Erinmope High School, Otun Road Erinmope, Ekiti State

Rosani Golf is a privately owned golf course in Erinmope

De Saint Football Club, Erinmope, Ekiti State
0706 961 4205

De Saint Football Club is the Erinmopes kingdom football club.

Erinmope High School, Erinmope, Ekiti State

Erinmope High School provides quality secondary educational programs in Erinmope.

No6 Ibido street, Erinmope, Ekiti State
0703 586 3080, 0706 671 5424, 0816 132 5682

Federation Of Erinmope-Ekiti Student Union is a community organization union reaching out to the members of the community in diaspora.