Nigeria Museums


16, Cotonou Crescent, Zone 6 Wuse, Abuja FCT Nigeria
0803 311 6378, 09 523 0823

National Commission For Museum And Monuments is a national body empowered to collect, preserve, study and interpret the material evidence of the people of Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Opposite Central Bank Parking Space, Jos, Plateau State Nigeria
0802 518 3002

Institute of Archaeology & Museum Studies (I.A.M.S) is an educational centre for theory and practice of museum studies which also includes the practical study of archaeology, and related others.

Opposite High Court, Jos, Plateau State Nigeria
0802 825 0607

Museum of Traditional Nigerian Architecture (MOTNA) is a centre known for its architectural piece, replica of many buildings and structure indigenous to Nigeria such as the walls of Kano etc., and other architectural landmarks.

Nana Living Spring Museum, Koko, Delta State Nigeria
0803 452 2138, 0705 550 0233

Nana Living Spring Museum is a national museum in Koko and one of the historical museums in Nigeria where you can see some of his owned items and also know more about him.

Km. 4, Umudege Ezinifite Road, Aguata LGA, Anambra State Nigeria
0803 501 5457, 0805 730 0623

National Musem, Igbo-Ukwu is one of the archaeological museums in Nigeria showing wide arrays of historical displays of sculptures made from bronze and copper centuries ago.

Island Club Road, Onikan, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
0803 311 2623, 0802 740 9112, 01 876 4522

National Museum is a Lagos based cultural center for storage of historical arts and relics, monuments and other arts collections.

46, Ikot Ekepene Road, Minima, Abia, Nigeria
0803 677 0249, 0802 318 8730

National Museum of Colonial History, Aba houses cultural artifacts, monuments, relics, and art works.

65 Abakaliki Road, GRA, Nigeria
0806 409 0677, 0807 622 8584, 0803 677 0249

National Museum of Unity showcases various art works from galleries to paintings and sculpture and other artifacts which provides an insight to the culture and custom of Enugu State.

Alesinloye Area, Oyo State, Nigeria
0802 357 8855, 0806 544 9810

National Museum of Unity, Ibadan is an ethnographic museum which conserves and displays artifacts which are indigenous to the state and has a scientific description of the people and their culture.

6 St. Patrick Road, Kiriri, Ebonyi State Nigeria
0806 690 0496

National Museum is one of the ethnographic museums in Nigeria which displays arrays of artifacts that reflects about the people's culture and tradition.

Inside Baptist Girls College, Idi-Aba, Ogun State Nigeri
0803 380 0850, 0909 885 3611

National Museum, Abeokuta provides a wide collection of artifacts such as cultural, historical and artist objects that shows a significant information about the people.

Opposite Post Office, Oba Adeside Road, Ondo State, Nigeria
0706 940 9060

National Museum, Akure is a centre where you can get information about the state's history as well as displays of some of the indigenous monuments, and relics. It is one of the ethnographic museums in the state as well.

Mungo House Park, Delta State, Nigeria
0903 161 1366, 0805 626 8906, 0805 073 3176
0803 386 0868

National Museum, Asaba is a centre for arts, crafts and art galleries located in the Mungo Park House in Asaba, Delta.

King's Square, Ring Road, Edo State, Nigeria
0803 356 8183

National Museum, Benin showcases various indigenous artifacts related to the Benin Empire which includes, bronze figures, cast iron pieces, terracotta and other ancient arts.

Ekpo Eyo Drive, Duke Town, Cross River State, Nigeria
0806 262 7376

National Museum, Calabar is one of the historical museums in Nigeria which was made a national monument in 1959. It has information and displays of the early colonial master who aided slave trade, Nigerian currencies from Slave trade era to date and more.

Opposite Ben Kadio Housing Estate, Behind Cultural Centre, Maiduguri Road, Yobe State, Nigeria
0706 826 2092

National Museum, Damaturu is one of the national museums in Nigeria opened to the public at the working hours, and displays a wide range of collections which interprets the heritage and culture of the people.

Local Govt. Secretariat Complex, Adamawa State, Nigeria
0706 563 6454

National Museum, Hong has notable and rare collections of the Adamawa State art, it is also an ethnographic museum showing various sculptures, carvings and archaeological artifacts.

14 Abdulkadri Road, Ilorin, Kwara State Nigeria
0803 573 8032

National Museum, Ilorin is ethnographic museum which is located in the capital city exhibiting arts and crafts works, pottery, history of the Nigerian emirates and other classical artworks.

National Museum, Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria
0803 616 3765

National Museum, Jalingo is one of the national museums in Nigeria showing various indigenous artworks, relics and sculptures, drawings and paintings.

National Museum, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
0803 452 8333

National Museum, Jos was established in the year 1952, and is a centre of research into the prehistoric culture of Nigeria which includes crafted pottery, specimens of Nok terracotta heads and artifacts, and other important relics.

33, Alik Akilu Road, City Centre, Kaduna State, Nigeria
0806 600 7715

National Museum, Kaduna displays a wide collection of archaeological and ethnographic artworks, as well as exhibits like sculptures, crafts and live crafts from the traditional craftsmen and women.

National Museum, Kanta, Argungu, Kebbi State Nigeria
0803 607 4991

National Museum, Kanta is under Nigeria's National Commission for Museums and Monuments, and shows a wide collection of local artifacts, and monuments, its is also one of the ethnographic museums in Nigeria.

Custom Area, Borno State, Nigeria
0805 114 5131

National Museum, Maiduguri has various collections of ancient artifacts such as the excavations of 8,000-year old Dufuna canoe and much more.

Federal Secretariat Complex, Niger State, Nigeria
0806 562 9924

National Museum, Minna is one of the centre where you can visit for a wide varieties of local artifacts, craft works, sculptures and other monuments that interprets the people of the state.

Kwoi-Jaba LGA, Kwoi, Kaduna State Nigeria
0803 402 5532

National Museum, Nok is an archaeological museum established by the National Commission For Museum And Monuments which displays and exhibits famous terracotta sculptures, and other ancient artifacts.

3 Museum Street, Off, Sunsun Road, Oyo State, Nigeria
0803 361 7821

National Museum, Ogbomosho is one of the national museums in Nigeria which houses various indigenous historical artworks, sculptures and more, and also have a guide for those who wants to know more about the art works.

National Museum, Oron, Idua Assang, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria
0803 409 9468

National Museum, Oron is one of the notable museums in Nigeria which houses the the remains of bunkers used during the civil war as well as wooden sculptures and other ethnographic materials from across the country.

Ataoja's Palace, Osun State, Nigeria
0803 068 1511

National Museum, Osogbo is an archaeological and ethnographic museum known for its natural monuments, sacred groves, history collections, famous sculptures of Susan Wenger and more which has been preserved and maintained to serve as a World Heritage Site.

B65 Shell Camp, Off Orlu Road, Imo State, Nigeria
0803 392 8214, 0805 133 0904

National Museum, Owerri is situated in the capital city and is one of the ethnographic museums in the country and equipped with ancient relics and artifacts such as paintings, crafts and sculpture.

Olowo's Palace, Ondo State, Nigeria
0806 004 3907, 0803 668 7739

National Museum, Owo houses many ancient antiquities, archaeological artifacts and ethnographic materials which were formerly in the Palace of Olowo and from the town respectively, the museum reflects the artistic traditions of the people.

1 Palace Road, Alaafin, Nigeria
0803 527 4827

National Museum, Oyo is a home to many historical artifacts which exhibits the tradition and culture of the people, and is one of the museum under the National Commission For Museum And Monuments.

Near No. 2 Hairle Street, Opp Delta Hotel, Old GRA, Rivers State Nigeria
0806 380 9560

National Museum, Port Harcourt is an ethnographic museum with displays and publications of Nigerian's traditional cultures through antiquities, monuments and more.

Federal Secretariat Complex, Sokoto State, Nigeria
0806 870 5983

National Museum, Sokoto is a museum that is known for its archaeological sites & collections, the museum reflects on the story of the Sokoto caliphate as well as Usman Dan Fodio & his other personal items like maps, throne etc., which was featured there.

Ring Road II, Aka Offot (Behind Ibom Hall), Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
+234 803 701 9055

National Museum, Uyo is an ethnographic that museum exhibits many ancient crafts and artworks, sculptures and many other historical relics, and is located in the capital city of the state.

Ijaw House, Sani Abacha Express Way, Bayelsa State, Nigeria
0806 138 5453

National Museum, Yenagoa is known for its monuments and sculptures which greatly reflects the heritage (culture and tradition) of the people, and is one of the museums under the National Commission For Museum And Monuments.